Meet the residents

“No way, we are NEVER getting pigs!”

The standard response to anyone asking if we’d be getting pigs on our farm. I’d heard all the horror stories. They’ll destroy the land, they’ll ruin everything, they’re chronic escape artists! We arrived at the farm on January 24th and on the 16th of February, Piggy Sue and Betty-Sue arrived from @edgarsmission. Now I can’t imagine the farm without pigs.

We did have an escape early on due to our dodgy fencing. They didn’t go far, just straight to the feed shed. We learn’t quickly that if you give a pig everything they need, they’re absolutely delightful. They don’t ask for much. Our girls have a cosy bed with straw for sleeping, a paddock for foraging and a dam for wallowing in. They have breakfast every morning and an evening snack of fresh fruit and veggies. They’re by far the most popular residents. Visitors are always shocked by the size of them (they are not small girls!).  Yes, they’ve dug up lots of their paddock but interestingly, by turning over the compacted soil (our farm is formerly a sheep property and piggery) the area around the dam has improved and is now full of native reeds with lots of resident ducks.